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Southborough Board of Health Gives Final OK to Sell Frozen Beef from Farm

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund has taken a big step towards self-sufficiency. We applied for and have just received a permit to sell beef from the farm. Our 100 % grass-fed cows are taken to one of the two USDA certified processors in Massachusetts where they are made into various cuts of beef and packaged. The beef is frozen and then picked up and transfered to our freezer which is monitored for quality assurance by checking the temperature about every other day. The beef will be sold frozen so there is no handling except to put it in and take it out of the freezer. Our cows are truly local. They are born here and eat locally grown forage on our 30 acre pasture leased from the Town of Southborough. In the winter, they eat hay, locally sourced from three farms within 10 miles, Country Corner Farm in Sherborn, Glen Rock Farm in Westborough and Tufts Vet School farm. They spend they’re lives doing what cows are suppose to do, eating grass. No hormones, no antibiotics.

When you compare that to what is in the supermarket, those cows may be born on range but at weaning (about 6 months) they go to a feed lot where they eat a diet of mostly grain and live in horrific conditions. So bad that they are given low dose antibiotics to prevent disease. Their feed is high energy input grains subsidized by taxpayer through the Farm Bill. These grains require fertilizers with huge carbon footprints. Nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrate, requires 3-5% of the worlds natural gas to make. The energy contained in its chemical bonds is demonstrated by the explosions at the West Texas plant that makes it last year and the Oklahoma City bombing. Phosphorus is strip mined from only a few places in the world. One being Florida, northeast of Tampa. It causes severe environments problems including radioactive materials in the waste. At the current mining rates, many of these places will run out in our lifetimes. The final main ingredient, potassium, is also a product of mining some many thousands of feet below the surface. Besides the huge energy input involved in fertilizer, millions of tons of of pesticides are sprayed on these crops. And because these crops require huge amounts of water, massive irrigation systems are built and run to provide water.
The average distance food travels to Massachusetts is about 1500 miles. We hope to at least make a little dent in this unsustainable system. If you are interested in purchasing beef of have any questions please contact me at 508-330-7216 or

Breakneck Hill Cow Fund Farm Day Saturday, November 17th

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have postponed the Cow Fund Farm Day until November 17th. Please contact us if you’d like to by some squares for the cow pie contest

On Saturday, November 17th, the Cow Fund will once again be sponsoring a Farm Day. The schedule is as follows:

11am-Family Hike

Approximately 1 mile of rolling trails. Learn about the history of the property, the restoration and management of the land, wildlife and enjoy the beautiful summit views (walking shoes encouraged)

11:45pm-Cow Pie Contest

Our most exciting and competitive fund raiser of the year! Help us purchase winter hay to feed our Belted Galloways by buying a square for $20. Enjoy apple cider, treats and cute farm animals as you cheer the cow to drop its gold on your winning number

Event to be held at the Community Gardens at the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Breakneck Hill Road.

Questions or for more information on the BHCF please visit our website or contact Laurie

Annual Cow Pie Bingo, Saturday November 5th at 4:00PM

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund will hold its annual cowpie bingo fund raiser Saturday November 5th at 4:00 PM in the Community Garden. There will be 100 squares sold. First square a cowpie lands in wins $200. Squares are $20. Money raised will go to help feed the cows this winter. We still have plenty of squares available.  Squares can be purchased online or by calling 508-330-7216 or emailing Henry, our new Milking Devon calf will be available to pet and lead on a halter. Hope to see you there.

Henry with his milk mustache.


Family Farm Day, Hike and Cow Pie Contest

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The Breakneck Hill Cow Fund is hosting a Family Farm Day & Hike at the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land. It will take place on November 7, 2010. The hike starts at 10 am.

Also, we are once again having a Cow Pie Contest at 11 am. A $20 Square could win $300! Get your squares at or email or

There will also be home made goodies for sale!

All proceeds will benefit the Breakneck Hill Cow Fund

Summer 2010 Breakneck Hill Cow Fund Update

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Note: If you’d like to donate to the cow fund, the Paypal link on the upper right of this page makes it easy. You can also mail a check to Breakneck Hill Cow Fund, P.O. Box 343, Southborough, MA 01772.

Thank you for visiting the Breakneck Hill Cow Fund (BHCF) website and update. Almost 10 years ago the BHCF, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization was formed to buy hay for the belted galloway cows owned by Farmer Ray Davis. Now, the BHCF owns the cows and has an expanded mission not only to care and maintain a community herd of cows in Southborough, but also to promote and celebrate Southborough’s agricultural history and the importance of local farming.

Over the years we have strived to improve the overall health and genetic diversity of the herd. In the past we have invited summer visitors, like Zeus, a Nationally registered bull, to impregnate our cows. Last year, George, a less physically impressive bull but with good references, came to summer on the Breakneck Hill Conservation land and we are please to write that we have 7 new calves this season with 3 more expected. They join 12 cows and 1 steer that graze on the hills of the conservation land.

The cows enthusiastically went over to the conservation land from their winter paddock, in late April where they graze throughout the warm weather. The rain and optimal growing weather has made keeping up with the grasses a struggle. 4 paddocks have been created in the pasture to help the cows better maintain the grasses and support grass regeneration. Rotating the herd through these paddocks also ensures that the cows have access to a healthier food supply.

The BHCF continues its dedication to community outreach and education. We depend on volunteer work from youth groups and enthusiastic adults looking for an opportunity to connect with their “inner farmer”. We thoroughly enjoy our visits from preschool groups, scout troops, and people passing by. We greatly appreciate the help from local groups and individuals in helping to feed the cows throughout the winter, putting up fences, and many other cow related activities. Without your help, we could not continue to have the herd of belted galloway cows.

The BHCF raises money to purchase hay and maintain the herd through a series of fund-raising events; all money raised goes directly to this purpose. Last year, we hosted a poker tournament, sponsored a “Cow Day” in October holding a race through the conservation land and a “Cow Pie” contest, and had a booth at the annual Heritage Day Celebration. We are finding that the economic conditions are resulting in a reduction in donations. We just sent out a postcard fund-raising campaign to over 2,000 local residents and businesses. We find ourselves with less than $300 in our account at a time when we need to secure winter hay.

The Breakneck Hill Conservation land is a Metrowest treasure with winding pastoral trails, varied wildlife, and summit views of Mt. Wachusetts. The belted galloways grazing on the hills offer families and hikers so many benefits; please help us keep them healthy and happy!

Thank you,

Laurie Bourdon, President
Chris Molinaro, Vice-President
Joyce Greenleaf, Secretary & Treasurer
Paul Bourdon, Operations Manager
Russ Devlin, Website Manager

Join Us at Our Charity Poker Tournament!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Poker CowThe Breakneck Hill Cow Fund is sponsoring a charity Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament on November 21 at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club in Hopkinton. This will be a great way to raise the funds necessary to get the cows through the winter and have some fun in the bargain. More information can be found on the Breakneck Hill Cow Fund Charity Poker Tournament 2009 flyer.

Poker registration can be made by check and sent to Breakneck Hill Cow Fund, PO Box 343, Southborough, MA 01172 or at this website via PayPal with “poker registration” put in the description box. The entry fee is $100.